Leadership & Governance

The school is led by a Senior Leadership Team consisting of the Headmaster, a Director of Studies, various Heads of Department and Pastoral Heads.

Yarrells School Headmaster Andrew Roberts-Wray

Mr A Roberts-Wray

Mrs Sharpe, Director of Studies at Yarrells Preparatory School

Mrs L Sharpe
Assistant Head
Director of Studies
Head of Geography 

Mrs C Cunningham
Assistant Head
Head of Learning Support
Pastoral Care Lead

Yarrells School Head of Senior Prep Andy Small

Mr A Small
Head of Assessment & Maths

Mr T Lewis
Head of Senior Prep
Head of RE
Pastoral Care Lead

Mr McClelland Head of Junior Prep

Mr F McClelland
Head of Junior Prep

Mrs Chappell, Head of Pre-Prep at Yarrells Preparatory School

Miss R Taylor
Head of Pre-Prep & Nursery

Yarrells School Mrs Wilson

Mrs V Wilson
Deputy Head of Pre-Prep & Nursery

Board of Reference

Yarrells School is owned by Mrs Natalie Covell with her two sons Mr Adam Covell and Mr Crispian Covell both being Directors. The Directors are assisted in the governance of the school by the Board of Reference which meets termly to offer strategic advice and challenge to the leadership of the school and its policies. The members of the Board of Reference are each designated a specific area of overview and make regular visits to the school to monitor developments in this area and report back to the Board.

Members of the Board of Reference

Chairman: Mr Adam Covell, Yarrells Preparatory School, Upton, Poole, BH16 5EU     Tel: 01202 622229

Directors: Mrs Natalie Covell and Mr Crispian Covell

Clerk: Mr James Renwick

Representatives of the School: Mr Andrew Roberts-Wray (Head Teacher), Mrs Samantha Foster (Bursar)

Board Members: Dr Alison Blakeway, Mr Alan Brinded, Mr Ian Glen, Mr Mark Hartley, Mrs Amanda Neesam, Mr David Parker

Designated Board Member
Area of Expertise / Profession
Area of Overview
Dr Alison Blakeway  Doctor, former parent Safeguarding
Mr Alan Brinded   Former Teacher Pastoral Care
Mr Adam Covell Director, Architect Premise, Equipment and Information
Mrs Natalie Covell Proprietor, Former Head Teacher Health, Safety and Welfare
Mr Ian Glen Business Owner, former parent PHSCEE curriculum
Mr Mark Hartley Head Teacher, vice chair of IAPS Teaching, Learning and SMSC
Mrs Amanda Neesam Former HR Professional, Artist, parent EYFS
Mr David Parker Former Education Board professional HR, Safer Recruitment