Aims & Values

Our aim and intent is that Yarrells will inspire each individual to have the confidence to achieve their full potential within a nurturing, supportive family community, empowering them to achieve success.

Yarrells’ Vision

Yarrells’ vision is to be a remarkable school, where everyone in the whole community feels safe and valued as part of the family. All will develop self-belief, open-mindedness and empathy in an environment of mutual respect. They will be encouraged to become resilient individuals who understand that making mistakes is a learning opportunity; the growth mindset. At the same time a culture of personal responsibility will flourish, allowing everyone to be accountable for their own performance and behaviour. In addition, every individual will discover their talents and interests, identify areas for improvement and feel supported to make progress and overcome challenges in life.

Yarrells’ Mission

Yarrells Prep School will be one of the top three most sought after, stand-alone, co-educational Prep schools in South and East Dorset; providing an individualised, family orientated, broad-based and value for money independent education. Inspiring high standards, in an eco-friendly learning environment, we prepare all of our pupils for a successful and fulfilling life. We will also continue to grow as active members of our local community, developing strong links with local state and independent schools, local businesses and community-based organisations.

Yarrells’ Values


Whole child, nurtured, inclusive, opportunity, motivated, inspired, responsible, leaders, self-assured


Self-belief & reliance, risk, manager, self-motivated, give-it-a-go, know yourself, emotional intelligence, happy, resilient.

Family Values

Teacher/pupil/parent partnership, care, community, buddy system, warmth, mutual respect, safe.


The main aims and objectives at Yarrells are to:


  1. Clear direction for Yarrells over the next 5 years, stable leadership and shared responsibility.
  2. Foster and cultivate high aspirations and high standards in and from every pupil.
  3. Develop an outward-looking, not inward-looking, school as part of our local community.
  4. Encourage respect, kindness, sense of responsibility for own learning, happiness and welfare of others.
  5. Develop a holistic education, strengths of every pupil, and self-confidence to achieve full potential.
  6. Encourage pupils/staff/parents to work together, take ownership and be proud of their school.

Objectives and Timings

  1. Embed the culture of continuous improvement. End 2017
  2. Measure and track pupils’ attainment under new National Curriculum assessment guidelines. End 2017
  3. Monitor pupils’ happiness and motivation through Assessment for Learning, tutoring, regular meetings and open dialogue with parents. End 2018
  4. Improve pupil progress by high quality teaching for Grammar School, Key Stage 3 and Common Entrance requirements. End 2018
  5. Update curriculum with modern, creative and active thinking & learning, adding skills and knowledge for life beyond school and university. End 2018
  6. Further development of Eco and Outdoor Education accredited and certified. 2018
  7. Expand range of extra-curricular art, music, drama, sports and hobbies, and to widen the offering to the local community. 2017 – 2018
  8. School reflects its local community. Full at 305 by increasing numbers to 280 pupils (276 FTE) Year 1. 2017 – 2019
  9. Raise performance and status of Years 7 & 8 providing continuity from 2 years to 13 years, with a 90% average transfer rate from Nursery to Reception, Reception to KS1, KS1 to KS2 and 50% KS2 to CE/KS3. 2018
  10. Maximum proportion of SEND pupils of 15% per year and further develop provision for Gifted, Talented and Able pupils. 2018
  11. Develop strong contacts with local state and independent schools at Nursery, Prep/First/Junior/Middle School and Senior School levels and local community and businesses. Gain National recognition for this. 2017 – 2018
  12. Develop teaching and other facilities in line with local competitors through investment in new buildings, new IT equipment and staff training. 2020