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yarrells year

yarrells year


Dear Mrs Covell

This is to congratulate you on your many years as Head of Yarrells and to wish you a happy retirement.

Perhaps I am the oldest "Old Girl". My memories are undiminished by time - having been a pupil with Miss Clark at Forest Hill until we moved to Upton.  The strength of solid values has stood me in good stead all these years and, even two weeks ago, I called upon inner resources to play tennis competitively and gain a place in theGB "Super Seniors" team for the World Championships. So what a lot we owe to people who guided us in the past. I spent hours on that tennis court!

Letter from Shirley Critchley (Crouch - when Head Girl in 1945)

My name is Valerie Elizabeth Jenkins. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1991. When I was 2.5 years old my father moved to the UK for his work; we lived 3 years in Surrey and 3 years in Dorset before we moved back to the states. I am 21 now, and I still have the fondest of memories from when I attended. I have been looking at the school website and it is incredibly comforting seeing the same uniforms as from when I attended, and that the campus does not seem to have changed much at all. My strongest memories are of the incredible meals we ate for lunch, the plays we performed (I was an elf in The Elves and the Shoemaker, and a witch in another), the birthday pins on their pillow, the field trips, the school grounds, ballet, the holiday Christmas craft fairs, the uniforms, and the class colour days we had (I was green). I guess I remember a lot more than I thought. Thank you for all of these wonderful memories, and for not changing too much after all these years. Should I ever find myself living in Dorset, with kids of my own, I know where I would take them to school.
Keep up the good work, and please do not change too much!

 Letter from an Old Yarrellian

 When my wife and I met you for the first time, we were impressed by the overall atmosphere of the School but as very new parents we had to rely on instinct; we can certainly say that choosing Yarrells has paid off with regard to our children’s education. The staff have been magnificent throughout every stage of their academic progress. Personal attention has been given when required and the right amount of gentle persuasion applied at the right time to get the best out of each of them. Both the children have, from an early age, shown the Yarrells’ trade mark: a love of learning, and I am sure this has been just the right foundation for them to follow on whatever path they take in the future.”      

Letter from a father whose two children attended Yarrells from nursery to age 12





Our child has had a simple superlative start to her schooling. She has been led, guided and stimulated in the most creative manner and has brought home the most positive attitudes to learning and indeed, behaving.  We have enjoyed being a part of the Yarrells community, and the distinctive, broad and balanced view of education which it espouses has been an inspiration to us.

Letter from a father whose child attended Yarrells from Nursery to age 13


I would like to pass on the very good news that Jordan is in the finals for Young Drummer of the
Year 2012 to be held in Leamington Spa on 5th February.
    I still think of the Yarrells Gang with great fondness and we have some lovely memories.
    Mrs Covell would have been proud of his musical composition, direction and production in A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Shakespeare Youth Festival.
    Mr Schneider can be pleased that Jordan is now playing in the First XV rugby team and looking forward to winning the Hampshire Plate for the 2nd year running.
    Mr Brady can be very proud that the boy who told him at the age of 7 that there were three moons orbiting the earth and who had memorised the Periodic Table, has already received an A* in Chemistry and an A* in Biology at GCSE level.
    Thank you.  I owe a huge debt to both you and Geoff Link the previous Headteacher at Stanbridge Earls.
     He has made huge strides in his social and emotional development as well as his academic achievements and during the summer spent three weeks in New Zealand and Hong Kong with the school rugby team.  He enjoyed the challenges, both physical and cultural and I am pleased to report that next summer he will undertake a month long visit to Tanzania as part of a group undertaking the World Challenge.  He will work in an orphanage for two weeks and will also be climbing Killimanjaro. He is making plans for what he will study at A Level and what he would like to study at University. He has realised that although music is his great love, he will really need good luck to make a career in this art and has instead decided that he may pursue a degree in
Astrophysics or Medicine.
    I am very proud of Jordan.  He has not taken for granted any of the opportunities that are available to him and takes on challenges with relish.
    Jordan and I will always be grateful for the grounding and kindness he received at Yarrells.
    My best wishes to you and all the staff at Yarrells.
Letter from a mother whose son attended Yarrells from Year 4 to Year 6
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