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CHAMPIONS – Year 3s win BCS Tag Rugby Tournament

CHAMPIONS – Year 3s win BCS Tag Rugby Tournament

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Captain of A Team, Oli Evans, reports:

On 2nd February we went to the BCS Year 3 tag rugby tournament. In our team we had: Oliver Crowe, Monty Munro, Josh Toop, Ayden Coombes, Josh Oxley, Ayden Dirks, Finnley Blake, and Oli Evans.

We had our first match which was BCS vs. Yarrells. Josh T was jinking with his usual magic! Josh Oxley was phenomenal at tagging. It was an exciting match and we were pleased to draw 6-6. Next we played Park. They were a very good team. Ayden was always in the right place at the right time and scored some amazing diving tries. We managed to beat them 8-6. Then we had a little break, which we needed as we were already pretty tired!

Then we played Durlston Court, who won last year. Monty and Finn did some brilliant passing to each other to score. We played really well as a team to win 7-4. Then we played Dumpton, who had lots of fast runners in their team. We were really good at tagging. We won 5-3! Castle Court were next. Ayden scored an awesome try in the corner. The final score of that game was 7-5.

It got to our last game and we were playing Buckholme Towers. It was really exciting because if we won this game we could win the whole tournament. They had some great players but our defence was really good. Oliver ran really fast all the way down the pitch to score a brilliant try. We won 10-6!

We were excited to check how BCS had got on, as they were close to our scores and we were so happy to find out that we were the winners. At the presentation we got an awesome shield and medals. I was really proud of all of us!  Thanks to Mr Schneider and all the parents for their support.

Captain Edward Wilson B Team Report:

We played very well against all the schools, coming joint third was very good.  We were really close to winning and we did really well in the tournament!  I can’t wait to go to another tournament!


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