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Dorset Police will be visiting Yarrells on Tuesday 8 March to discuss Internet Safety

On Tuesday 8th March Dorset Police will be visiting Yarrells to discuss with our Year 1 and above pupils the importance of being safe with technology. They will deliver the programme to all classes from Year 1 to Year 8. We believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development. The information below is to inform you of the safety messages that your children receive in school so that you can also reinforce them in your home environment.




Personal information

Year 1

Reinforce the concept of who are our trusted adults and that we need to talk to our trusted adults if anything online is worrying us. Use a game to explain what our personal information is and why we shouldn’t be sharing it online

Respect and beyond

Year 2

Explore who are online friends, how we should behave online, not sharing our personal information and talking to our trusted adults if anything online is worrying us.

Reliable and safe

Year 3

Look at how information on the internet may not always be reliable and how to keep safe while gaming.

Telling and meeting

Year 4

Look at the risks associated with cyberbullying and what to do if an online friend wants to meet up.

Staying safe online

Year 5

An introduction to some of the issues of social networking and sharing online. Exploring privacy settings, personal information, reporting and telling a trusted adult. The session will also cover appropriate gaming and taking and sharing of Selfies.

Interacting safely online

Year 6

A further look at the issues surrounding online friends and the risks of meeting someone you only know online. A recap on appropriate gaming, personal information, privacy settings and Selfies is also part of this session.




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