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Yarrells Oxfam Gifts

Yarrells Nursery Pupils help choose gifts for Oxfam!

Following a very successful Fairtrade tuck sale at Yarrells School where all pupils had fun buying and eating fairtrade chocolate, it was decided to choose Oxfam gifts with the profit made from the sale.

We were very proud of Yarrells’ nursery pupils who took part in choosing which Oxfam gifts they would like by ticking their choice of gift from a chart which included:

• Give girls a head start at school
• Goat couple
• Teach a teacher
• Teach a man to fish
• Solar energy
• Honey bees
• Care for mums and babies

The result of the vote was firstly ‘Care for mums and babies’ followed by ‘Give girls a head start at school’ and ‘Goat couple’.
Yarrells ensures that their Nursery pupils are part of the whole school and take part in all these types of activities, and decisions. It is a good grounding for them as they grow up.

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