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Nail Biting Finish in the Years 5-8 Cricket Match!

Yarrells v Buckholme Towers

 Wednesday May 4th

Yarrells won 251-223

Louis Cunningham, A Team reports… Lewis Maftah and I were very good at batting and we were working and communicating very well together. Benito Lucchesi was very good at bowling and Elliot Dufton got lots of sixes as well.  Everyone was very good at fielding and worked together as a team.

I would like to thank Mr Schneider for organising and for umpiring the match.

 Yarrells won 236 – 235

Cameron Talwar, B Team reports… We played an amazing cricket match against Buckholme Towers; both teams played really well.  On the last ball Rocco Cribb won us the match with a fantastic throw to the wicket which knocked the stumps over and prevented a run, resulting in the match ending with Yarrells WINNING! 

I would like to thank me Schneider for organising the match and all the parents for their support.

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