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Wear it Wild 2016 at Yarrells Prep School

Wear It Wild

For nearly two decades, WWF’s Living Planet Report has monitored the health of our planet. Its findings reveal that wildlife populations worldwide have declined by 52 per cent since 1970. This is a shocking statistic. We want to support the WWF Wear it Wild to learn about their vital work and help us to create a future in which people and nature thrive.

On Friday 27th May, we are going to:

‘Roar into action’ and ‘Go wild for our planet’

We are inviting pupils and staff to come to school dressed as an endangered animal in return for a donation towards WWF!

Children can dress tough like a tiger, get flashy like a flamingo or strut their stuff like a snow leopard or any other animal they choose!

A Wear it Wild event is a dress-up day with a difference. It’s a memorable event that everyone can enjoy and a chance to explore environmental issues, as well as raising vital funds to protect amazing wildlife like elephants, rhinos and tigers. A small donation from every child in the school can make a big difference.


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