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Yarrells Prep School Lion's Lair

‘Lion’s Lair’ – Year’s 7 & 8 Business Presentation Evening

This evening at 6pm, Year 7 & 8s are presenting their business plans to the “Lions Lair”, a panel of local business entrepreneurs, and then they will be selling their products on Prizegiving Day. Please bring some money along on the day so you and your children can benefit from some of their creative and clever product ideas.

The Business programme forms part of Form 7 & 8’s PSHCEE curriculum which we have added to their course to give a fulfilling and exciting finish to their final year.

The programme provides opportunities:

  1. To encourage young people to think creatively and develop an understanding of the world beyond school.

  2. To encourage an entrepreneur perspective at an early age.

  3. To develop an understanding of a development process. (found in the D&T, IT and Business Studies Syllabus)

  4. To prepare students for the next stage in life;
  • Independence required at secondary school.
  • Develop individuality and work without teacher input
  • To be self-motivated.
  1. Skills that they have developed include:
  • Teamwork
  • Thinking for yourself
  • Confidence in yourself
  • Presentation and communication skills

      6. To develop the whole person

This evening’s panel of Lions includes:

Mitchell Stuart, Inferno Media – Our Prizegiving Speaker
Steve Collins, SC Associates – Management Consultants
Barry Kick, Linsar – Technology
Amanda Neesam – Chair of Foys

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