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YPI-Launch at Yarrells School

Yarrells School host the launch of the Young People Index

On Wednesday 22nd February we had a very important event for the school with the launch of the Young People Index (YPI) in Swan.  Over 40 people from local businesses and education, including some of our parents and a group from the GC Index in London, attended and participated.  Three students, two from Poole Grammar and William Paddy from Yarrells, were the highlight of the morning as they gave their feedback to the audience on going through the experience of taking the YPI. 

The Index profiles young people by their natural inclinations to team working.   This allowed them to reflect on their own potential futures in careers and teams, which we hope will be a very powerful motivator towards subject choice and focus on achievement at school.  I was able to put the need for this into some context by describing how, for children in our nursery, by the time they are entering into work human knowledge will be doubling every twelve hours and that it is likely that general artificial intelligence will exist (the point when computers become as intelligent as the human brain).  I also pointed out that for us as educationalist it is really tricky to be teaching children today for jobs that don’t yet exist and the fact that those jobs are likely to be either highly specific or widely generalist in nature because of the complexity of the world they will be living in. 

As a school we have already used the adult version (The GC Index) to help develop our Senior Leadership Team at Yarrells and now are in the feedback phase to our Years 6, 7 & 8 who took part in the trial of the Young People Index.  Looking forward we hope to work with local businesses in a Careers Day for Years 6 – 8 followed by the Enterprise Programme and Lions Lair presentations by Years 7 & 8 in June and July.  

We think that the Young People Index is a very exciting and positive within schools and education.  If you would like more information regarding the YPI please visit their website –

Watch the video below of Headmaster, Andrew Roberts-Wray,  where he explains how the YPI will work in schools.

For more photos of the event please visit our Facebook page.


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