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Sandbanks Magazine – Less stress equals more success (April 2017)

Happy and motivated children succeed in exams and in life

“This is the underlying principle at Yarrells School” states the Headteacher of Yarrells, Andrew Roberts-Wray.   Given all the worrying stories about mental health problems among youngsters because of the pressure of SATs, GCSEs and A Levels, it is good to see that schools are looking at young people as something more than a way to prove their competence to Ofsted through exam results.

Mr Roberts-Wray explains why this is the school’s ethos. “I think it is as simple as changing the emphasis for the children from being all about exams to ensuring that every pupil is happy and motivated. How can young people achieve to their full potential if they are not confident in their learning environment?” He asserts. “Proven exam results at 11+ and 13+ alongside praise from local business leaders for enterprise presentations and senior school scholarships for art, music, drama and sport, show that our approach does work. “

“I want every pupil in my school to have the best possible education they can have to prepare them not just for their next school, but the opportunities and pressures that they will encounter in their lives in the future”.

Early in March Yarrells launched the Young People Index with it Years 6 to 8 pupils (aged 10 to 13) which is revolutionary instrument that assesses the individual inclinations and preferences of young people, enabling them to recognise their actual and potential contribution to a team or organisation.  “We are trying to help our young people to better understand themselves so that they can make better choices in terms of subjects and career options for the future.  It also puts their studies at school into context and is yet another way we are preparing them for the real world.”

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