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On the penultimate day of our autumn term, back in December, the Eco Green Flag judges came into school to see the wonderful things our teachers have been doing to promote all things sustainable in school. The Eco Action Team were interviewed to ensure they understood the inner-workings of Yarrells’ Green Machine.

Children showed with glee their expertise, and the level of learning ingrained into the curriculum through their deep understanding of all things sustainable. The judges were particularly impressed with the hundreds of trees planted since their last visit and the children’s ideas to move forward with our travel plan. We are very proud of the children who guided our Eco judge around the school with great ease and understanding. We are pleased to announce that our Green Flag has been re-awarded and you will see our new Green Flag flying with pride on the drive very soon. We must thank so many of you for continuing to lift-share and help us to pursue our ‘green-goals’ at Yarrells.

We have been given a few areas to work on and the team feel invigorated with the knowledge and foresight of our judge. Watch this space for news of an all-new rewards system for children pursuing sustainable goals with us in school and at home. We are very excited to continue to strive for excellence in this very important area of the curriculum. If you see a member of the Eco-Action Team, please take time to congratulate them on this huge achievement. Well done, Team Yarrells!

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