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Yarrells School Seniors

“Push at all doors and the right ones will open for you”, Mrs Sally Weber-Spokes, Head

I am sure a number of you will be waiting with bated breath for a letter to drop through the door in the coming days. If your son or daughter took the grammar tests, they will no doubt have been working very hard in recent months and weeks, so it is really important to celebrate that, no matter what the outcome for them.

To those pupils who have met the threshold: we extend very many congratulations to you and say a hearty ‘well done!’ A door has opened for you which may well take you on the right educational path in the years to come.

To those pupils who have not met the threshold: remember that things in life happen for a reason. My motto is ‘push at all doors and the right ones will open for you’. If the door to grammar school has not opened for you, then it is perhaps not the right path to be taking, and your journey in life will be richer by following a different path. Remember, too, that you have many qualities and skills that are just as important, if not more important, than test taking, and those are to be celebrated. Do not forget how much you are valued by your teachers, your family and the important role you play as an individual in your school.

To those parents who are now thinking about options going forward: it is understandable to be anxious or worried about what to do next. Having hoped that the grammar route would be open, it is easy to be bewildered and concerned about how to navigate the path ahead.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of a broad based education; one that provides children with opportunities to grow and develop in all areas of the curriculum. At Yarrells, our children flourish under our care; they are happy young people.

They develop their self-esteem and confidence, grow their skills in all subject areas, not just in the core curriculum. In any given day they might be exploring figurative language in poetry, tackling algebraic equations, undertaking experiments in our specialist science lab, collaboratively designing solutions to global problems, singing with gusto in the school choir, treading the boards in our theatre, racing around the sports pitches, building their stamina in our pool or training on our tennis courts, harvesting carrots from the kitchen garden, playing freely in the woodland or discussing life’s philosophical questions with their tutors in PSHE.

Life is immeasurably rich at Yarrells and our curriculum for Years 7 and 8 is particularly diverse. We follow the Common Entrance syllabus, providing pupils with a broad based and differentiated education, which prepares them beautifully for the decision making over GCSE options in Year 9.

At Yarrells we believe in the fundamental importance of developing skills of compassion, collaboration, resilience and leadership in our young people, all grown within a supportive and nurturing environment which prepares pupils for life in a ‘bigger pond’ in Year 9.

Do come and see us and experience for yourself the joy of everyday life here! I should be absolutely delighted to spend time with you, hearing and learning about your son or daughter’s areas of interest and hopes for the future. We offer flexible payment options, including military and sibling discounts, and monthly direct debit payment plans, to all our new pupils.

To book a meeting please call James Renwick, our Director of Admissions, on 01202 622229 or email him at

You can find out more information regarding the school at



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