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Yarrells School Year 4 Boys Win Tag Rugby Tournament

Yarrells Year 4 Boys Win Tag Rugby Tournament at Dean Park

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Team: Euan (wing), Paddy, Rory, Ollie H (captain), Will, Oscar (wing), Zach (full back), Olly L.

Captain Ollie H reports… There were 16 teams at Park School’s tournament on Tuesday so we were really excited to be playing in such a big tournament. We had done lots of extra lunchtime practices with Mr Schneider against the Year 5s & 6s to be prepared for playing against really strong teams. We had worked on pushing up as a flat line in defence and spreading out in our formation in attack, only running forwards and changing direction quickly to beat players.

The tournament was action-packed and full of great rugby and everyone played amazingly. Paddy, Oscar, Rory and Euan were like bullets on the wing and they all made some unbelievable runs through the defence, scoring many tries. Zach was an amazing full back and made loads of driving runs and very precise passing. Will was fantastic in keeping his position. He made amazing runs and very careful passes. Olly L was amazing, taking loads of tags that could have decided the game. He also scored a very important try. Ollie H helped set up lots of tries and scored 5 himself.

We won all our matches. The scores were: Game 1 – Moyles Court – Yarrells: 2-5 Game 2 – Branksome – Yarrells: 1-6 Game 3 – BCS – Yarrells: 1-7 1/4 Final – Winton – Yarrells: 3-7 Semi Final – Park – Yarrells: 3-6 FINAL – Moyles Court – Yarrells: 3-7

So in the end Yarrells won the tournament! Everyone in the team was amazing!

We won a shield to keep for a year and gold medals to keep forever.

Thank you to the parents for supporting and to Mr Schneider for the extra lunchtime coaching sessions, and for helping us to improve and play our very best.

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