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Is it really worth it?

Sending your child to a prep school is a very serious financial outlay but the benefits are considerable.  Mrs Sally Weber-Spokes was asked to write a feature article explaining why prep education is worth every penny for the recent edition of ‘Attain’. 

Her words in ‘Attain’ are particularly resonant given the recent articles in the national news about the significant financial deficits state primary and secondary schools are carrying and the funding pressures they are having to manage. There can be no doubt that the impact of this funding pressure will be felt keenly in classrooms across the country. How fortunate that at Yarrells the leadership and management of the school is such that we continue to thrive, we attract high calibre staff who are totally committed to providing outstanding education in small classes and excellent pastoral care so that your children’s formative years are carried in very capable and nurturing hands.

Mrs Weber-Spokes said, “I feel so very privileged to lead such a fabulous school and work with your precious children.”

Below is a link to her feature article in ‘Attain’, but before you read it, allow her to set the scene…

“It is Sunday afternoon and the moment is precious. The working week ahead isn’t looming too closely, and you smile as you watch your youngest child racing about in the garden pretending to be an astronaut rocketing into space whilst your eldest is concocting potions with abandon in the kitchen. She presents said potion to you, announcing she has created a brilliant invention.

‘Mummy,’ she says proudly, ‘I am going to be an inventor when I grow up and I am going to cure all diseases so that everyone can be healthy!’

This announcement is touching but suddenly you experience a revelation: your children are going to grow up and become adults – they will inhabit the future. What will they become? You want to be the best parent you can be, but feel anxious: are you doing enough?

The burden of responsibility suddenly weighs heavily and your thoughts turn once again to school. There are now 34 children in your daughter’s class and your son’s nursery setting seems lacking in warmth – do they really know your children? Are they getting the best out of them?

You re-visit the website of your local Prep school and experience a pang: the children look so happy; they appear to engage in so many activities and enjoy such a rich and varied education. You click again on the admissions tab but wince at the fee structure. You have discussed the prospect of independent education with your partner numerous times already and you know that it is just about do-able financially, but gosh it would be tight, and could you sustain the finances for the whole of your children’s educational journey? You come back to the central issue yet again:

Would a Prep education for your two small people really be worth the financial sacrifice?”

Click here to read the full article:

Mrs Sally Weber-Spokes, Head at Yarrells School, nr Poole

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