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Yarrells Summer School – ACTION PACKED DAYS

Yarrells Summer School – ACTION PACKED DAYS

The early bird price for Summer School ends this Friday, 14th June.

WEEK 1: Monday 15 to Friday 19 July 2019

WEEK 2: Monday 22 to Friday 26 July 2019

For children aged 3* to 13

We are busy planning and getting our resources ready for an action packed Summer School. For the first two weeks of our summer holiday your child could be joining in all the fun activities we have in store in the wonderful familiar environment of Yarrells grounds with staff they know delivering a very exciting timetable of fun!! 

Everyday of Summer School will be themed, but everyday promises adventure, active-learning and FUN (come in in fancy dress if you wish… prizes awarded for the best dressed who can still complete all the activities!!) Every day the children will swim, take part in sporting activities as well as craft, dance and drama on specific days. Please note some activities may change due to weather/staffing.

  • Monday 15th July is our Robin Hood Day including activities such as shoot the apple in our archery competition, cooking Robin Hood pies and working as a team to cross over a wide river!
  • Tuesday 16th July is our Rain Forest Adventure day including mountain biking, animal games and blind-exploration missions into the wild forest!  🐵
  • Wednesday 17th July is arrrgghh Treasure Island theme- think beach games (on the beach Year 3 to 8) with a twist ( or a hook) !! The younger year groups will be looking for buried treasure, cooking a pirate feast and playing pirate games in the swimming pool.
  • Thursday 18th July will be a magic theme- we will be exploring different magic tricks and seeing if the children can make Mr Wooley disppear!
  • Friday 19th July is our Fairytales day- Year 3 and up will be visiting Arne to explore and have fun orienteering!

Can you believe that is all squeezed into one week? 

Neither could we…….even by Yarrells’ standards that is chocka block. 

Think no less of week two, to have a taster: 

On Tuesday 23rd July and Wednesday 24th July we are able to offer some mermaid/merman swimming sessions in the pool. Your child must be aged 7+ and be able to swim 25m using a butterfly kick. If your child is booked in on these days and would like to join in with these sessions, please can you email Mrs Wilson to confirm a place. There will be no extra charge for these sessions.

  • Monday 22nd July will be a Star Wars theme (Lazer Quest will be happening every day throughout the week!).
  • Tuesday 23rd July will be exploring Upton Country park for wide games and orienteering! 
  • Wednesday 24th July will be filled with mountain biking challenges! Year 1 and 2 will be going on a beach and pirate park trip.
  • Thursday 27th July will be wild west themed- yeee ha cowboy, opportunities to cook up a storm using the fire pit in the woods! 
  • Friday 28th July will be our farewell disco and much more……. for everyone! 

Please ensure you have confirmed your places at your earliest convenience.  

Booking forms are available in the school office or online via this link  (or please e-mail: or

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