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Years 7 & 8 Residential Trip to New Forest Activities – Summer 2019

The New Forest Activity Centre organised a bespoke programme of activities and outdoor fun for our three night camping experience. Our campsite, situated on a working farm, was just outside the stunning village of Beaulieu. Sleeping next to a field of young lambs in bell-tents was a real camping experience, with slightly variable quantities of sleep! We were well catered for and especially appreciated a hearty cooked breakfast each morning to give us energy for the day.

Throughout the week, we enjoyed some physical and mental challenges which involved team work, cooperation and consideration of others. The high ropes were a real favourite with all of the children (and teachers) putting themselves out of their comfort zone and leaping through the trees.  The mountain biking was great fun, despite the torrential rain we covered a good distance and managed to cope with punctures and ponies along the way. We planned an expedition walk from the campsite to the canoes, which involved map reading and thinking about the weather and tides. Despite the rain, the intrepid explorers set off without complaints and loved the canoe along the scenic river.

Our final activity was ‘Battlefield Live’ which was hugely popular with the children. Team work and strategy played a part as well as sheer determination and stealth to outwit your opponents. What an amazing time we had as you can see from this video!

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