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Dorset Living Magazine – Yarrells feature in their Education Yearbook 2019

Yarrells gives every child the confidence to achieve their best in an enriching, happy and creative learning environment. 

The Head, Sally Weber-Spokes, says of Yarrells, ‘Our gorgeous school is filled with happy and spirited children, curious about the world and eager to learn, in the broadest possible sense. They are supported and challenged by the most committed team of specialist staff and we are a warm and nurturing community of practitioners. Our curriculum is diverse and enriching in its scope, and we prepare children for whatever path they choose to take for senior school, whether it is a state grammar school place at 11+, an independent or state senior school place at 13+ or the pursuit of a scholarship into Year 7 or Year 9.  Therefore, we are truly independent in our outlook and will help parents navigate the many options available to their children as they prepare for senior school life. 

Having been a leader in education for many years, she knows that it is the quality of a child’s formative years in education that pay the greatest dividends in the outcomes of adulthood. She went on to say, ‘A child’s personality and character begin to form from their earliest days of life. Research has shown that by the time a child is seven years of age, they have already solidified a sense of themselves and where they fit within the world. Their approach to life, to others and indeed to themselves is setting fast. They already have a sense of how well they do things as compared to others and this sense formulates their aspirations for their futures.’ 

‘At Yarrells, we ensure that children’s primary years are rich and diverse in opportunity, full of the highest quality teaching, learning and pastoral care, and that they believe deeply, well before they get to senior school, that there is little they cannot achieve if they set their mind and energy to it!’ 

Written by Mrs Sally Weber-Spokes


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