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Coronovirus Update – 18th March 2020

Dear Parents,

We heard from the Government this evening that from the end of Friday this week, schools across the UK will be closed to all children bar those whose parents are key workers. Therefore, please be advised that Yarrells will be open to pupils next week whose parents and carers work in the following professions:

  • The NHS
  • Emergency Services
  • Armed Forces
  • Those who work in supermarket retail/delivery
  • Teachers

We will send out a Google Form tomorrow to ascertain numbers of children in need of school places next week. We should be grateful if you could fill this out as soon as possible.

Our holiday school will run under the same premise as above and I am in consultation with SuperCamps regarding their provision beyond this stage. 

With regards to academic support next week, we have placed folders of work for each year group on our management system which you can access through the parent portal. If you are unsure how to access the parent portal, please email Mr Renwick direct at and he will be able to assist you immediately. Mr Renwick has also put together a short guide on how to access the documentation that we will be storing in the Parent Portal.

To access the Parent Portal, please follow this link:

In addition to the folders of work, there is a list of teachers’ email addresses so that you can contact them directly with any queries you may have, or indeed submit completed work. Please do be aware that, from Friday 27th March, our teaching staff will be on their Easter break but they will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible and support your child’s needs via email.

With regard to community support, you will shortly receive another email from me about joining our Yarrells Facebook private group so that we can look to offer support to each other in a secure and safe way over the coming weeks.

I am very grateful to those parents who have taken governmental advice and kept their children at home if they are unwell in any of the usual ways we expect at this time of the year.  Please do make sure you follow governmental advice given and, if your children are not well enough to come to school, please don’t send them in. It is particularly important if they have a fever and/or a new, persistent, dry cough.

I will, as ever, communicate with you as soon as I am able regarding the start of the summer term. In the meantime, we have two days together with your lovely children and we’ll make the most of our lessons and activities.

Yours faithfully,

Sally Weber-Spokes

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