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Join our Yarrells Parent Page (Private Facebook Group)

Dear Parents

I wanted to find a way for us all to help each other in the coming weeks and so, we have created a link here to our private Facebook group, Yarrells Parent Page, which will allow us to offer support to those in need, whether it be offering childcare, offering shopping errands to be done for those in self-isolation, setting up outside small social events such as beach or woodland walks for our Yarrells children, or just offering positive and supportive messages whilst we cannot run school in the usual way.

Please make sure you join this group: once a member, you can post messages and offer support. This will not be a public forum and we have administrative control over those being allowed to join. I hope it will, therefore, be a safe and secure space for us to reach out and help each other.

It will only be a safe and secure space if we all follow these principles:

This is NOT a forum for queries regarding academic work that has been set whilst the school is closed. With regard to support for your children whilst they work through their tasks, we have posted a list of email addresses of all teaching staff on the iSAMs parent portal so you can contact us directly with any queries. 

This is NOT a forum for concerns or complaints to be raised. These matters should be brought to my attention by emailing me direct at

It is so important we ensure this forum remains a positive and supportive space for us all to help each other and keep a healthy perspective about the challenges we face. I hope it will show how collaborative and resilient we are in the face of uncertainty as well as how cohesive we are as a school community. I look forward to being able to offer as much help as I possibly can to you all.

Yours faithfully,

Sally Weber-Spokes

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