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Yarrells #bigcampingtrip at home

On the evening of Friday, 10th April, the staff and pupils of Yarrells School and Nursery, in Upton all joined together in a mass camp ‘in’, either sleeping in tents in their gardens or exciting dens in their lounges, all to raise money for the NHS Covid-19 response staff at Poole Hospital. 

In just one evening, they raised £1,260.00 for the NHS and had great fun whilst doing so! 

Sally Weber-Spokes, Head of Yarrells, said   ‘Not only do we know what an enormous effort and sacrifice our NHS staff are making for our community, but we are also looking after the children of key workers at this time and can see the pressure they are under. It’s so tough for them. We wanted to do something to help people get through ‘being at home’ over the Easter weekend as well as raise money for those staff who we know just won’t have a break at the moment. We were overwhelmed by our school community’s response; it’s brought us all together and allowed our pupils to have fun with their families, too. We are so grateful to those who have donated – thank you!’ 


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