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NSPCC Number Day at Yarrells


Mr T Lewis reports…  Today on NSPCC Number Day all children across the school enjoyed a varied and exciting mixture of practical maths activities from nature art to 100 physical challenges.

  • How many bottle flips can you do in 100 seconds?
  • How many sprints can you do in 100 seconds?
  • How long is the swimming pool?
  • How long will it take you to swim a length?
  • How much do 100 jelly tots weigh?
  • Can you find a stick close to 100cm long?
  • Using this map how can you find the maths question in 100 seconds?
  • How can you hit the bullseye to score 100 points?
  • How tall a lego tower can you build in 100 seconds? Why did it fall? Could you improve that design?
  • How big should that shape be to make it look to scale?

These are just some of the questions your children will have been asked today!

Children have added their scores, counted their repetitions, timed their achievements, calculated their speeds, weighed their ingredients, estimated measurements and used shape to visualise natural art pictures, and we hope they had fun too!

Our fundraising theme for number day was 100, if you did not already know!

Captain Sir Tom united the nation as he took on 100 laps of his garden for charity. To celebrate his legacy, we took on our own 100 challenge just after Captain Sir Tom’s birthday! Our day was also inspired by the fact that on average, 100 children contact Childline every 40 minutes. With help, NSPCC can keep fighting for every childhood. The charity wants to answer every call, reach every child who needs them and keep adapting to whatever challenges this year throws at us.

We have counted up all your generous donations and we have raised a marvellous £300 for the NSPCC. Over the last year, like every charity, the NSPCC has noticed a drop in public funding and without such support they wouldn’t be able to continue their work to ensure that all children are safe from abuse and neglect. Our support is invaluable to the services they provide, including Childline, the NSPCC Helpline and indeed the NSPCC Schools Service, for all children who need support, particularly during these difficult times.

In our prestigious Yarrells’ magic competition, our worthy winners were Alek R in Year 4 and Felix W in Year 2 (with help from a huge magic bear). We have no doubt these children have the skills to make it to the Dorset Magic Circle! By entering these fabulous tricks both these children won prizes for their whole year group so all their peers can celebrate together. Huge congratulations on your stellar entries.  Children were shown their fabulous tricks on Friday.

Breaktime saw a superb maths quiz between all form groups from Years 5-8 with a closely fought battle. The winning team was 5LR in 1st place, 6FS in 2nd place and 6LM in 3rd place. Huge congratulations for this fantastic effort for the two representatives from this class and the whole group for their support.

Lunchtime saw children from various year groups taking the opportunity to challenge Mr Lewis and their peers at a game of TT Rock Stars. Every child did exceptionally well and should be proud of their efforts. Please continue to support your children to access this platform and to develop their skills.

Yarrells’ TT Rock Stars Champions League will be launched in earnest in 2 weeks’ time. In the meantime, please do your best to ensure your child has made their best effort to complete 10 studio sessions to ensure we group the children correctly in the four divisions. Details to follow. 

Congratulations to Ollie B who today completed 100 lengths of the school swimming pool as part of his 100 challenge he set himself for NSPCC Number Day. Well done, Ollie.

Huge thanks for your generous donations and fantastic fancy dress, we hope you enjoy seeing your children’s photos as much as we enjoyed seeing their wonderful costumes.



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