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Yarrells Tennis Academy

Anyone for tennis?

The Yarrells Tennis Academy is in full swing and our children bounce into their class tennis lessons each week.
Mr Bujak, our fabulous, LTA Level 4 qualified coach works with pupils of all ages, using a multi-skillz approach helping to develop gross motor co-ordination as well as game play.

Want your child to take their tennis further?

They can join one of our smaller development groups or have 1:1 coaching with Mr Bujak on our newly-re-surfaced woodland courts.

Aiming for Wimbledon?

Then join our early morning performance squads where Mr Bujak will put budding tennis stars through their paces to develop their competitive edge and reach for the stars!

One thing’s for sure: everyone’s for tennis at Yarrells!


Yarrells Tennis Academy

Our Yarrells Tennis Academy is led by Mr Maciej Bujak (Magic), who joined Yarrells in September 2020.  Mr Bujak  is a very highly regarded tennis coach at the West Hants Tennis Club in Bournemouth and has been coaching children of all ages and abilities there since 2004. Mr Bujak holds a Level 4 tennis senior coaching qualification with the LTA, has an MSc in physical education and is a qualified teacher with QTS status.

All our Tennis coaching sessions are based around an annual syllabus which is designed to meet the needs of the players at each different age and stage of the Yarrells Tennis Academy.

This syllabus takes players from their first experience of Mini Tennis or their transition to a new stage and engages the players in topics relevant to their age and stage. This includes locomotion and movement patterns, body control, tactics and stroke development.


Regular individual or shared tennis lessons during the school day are a great way of improving your child’s tennis, ensuring that they have all the techniques in place to have a really enjoyable game.  You can request for your child to have either individual lessons or shared lessons with a child of similar age/ability.  Lessons are available for children from Reception upwards and take place every week during term time and on a year round basis.  Separate arrangements can also be made to continue lessons during the school holidays.

Lessons are for half an hour (30 minutes) and will be arranged during the school day.  We regret that it is not possible to make up any lesson that a pupil may miss due to illness or any other circumstance beyond the control of the school.

We are keen for all our children to achieve success and individual lessons are a commitment for everyone concerned. Children need to be aware of this and should be encouraged to value the experience. They should be punctual and arrive well-prepared for their lessons.


Fees are £21.00 for an individual session and £10.50 per student for a shared lesson.  Each session is for half an hour and there will usually be 10 lessons in a term. The cost will be charged via our ParentMail payment system.

If you wish to cancel individual lessons at any time, you must give half a term’s notice in writing to the school office (, otherwise half a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

If you would like your child to take tennis lessons, please click here to register your interest.  Once the list is full, your child can be added to a waiting list.

Please email the school office,, if you would like further details regarding any of our extra-curricular tennis options.

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