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Yarrells Preparatory School, Poole, Dorset

About Yarrells

Magical, Meaningful & Memorable

Yarrells School and Nursery provides excellent opportunities for children to enjoy their learning in an enriching environment both indoors and outdoors. We promote high academic standards, integrating the performing & visual arts and sport within a dynamic and extensive curriculum.

A member of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS), we take boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 11. Our school is housed in a Georgian mansion and surrounding classroom buildings encircled by the gardens, fields, courts, pool and woodland of its own estate in the town of Upton, near Poole, Dorset. In these beautiful surroundings, we have the scope to make the most of extensive learning opportunities. We believe in an individualised approach and that in our setting, guided by expert staff, we can nurture each child’s gift and help them develop the confidence to meet life’s challenges with spirit and determination.


At Yarrells, we pride ourselves on developing happy, confident, kind and capable children. We wrap our children in a rich intellectual environment so that they can enjoy the experience of a first-class, structured foundation in education which prepares them beautifully for transition to senior school and for life at large.

Our children earn themselves places at grammar schools and independent senior schools, often with generous scholarships based on their achievement. Our ex-pupils are noted for their happy, confident and outgoing demeanour, the quality of their academic achievements, their determination to work hard and take up a challenge, as well as for their enthusiasm in sporting and artistic pursuits.Success comes from the love of learning; every child is encouraged and inspired to develop self-confidence, a curious mind, a thirst for knowledge and to grow their skills of critical thinking, collaboration and resilience to name a few. At Yarrells, we combine the very best of the National Curriculum and the Prep School Baccalaureate programes of study so that our pupils have the highest quality learning opportunities available to them, as well as individual routes of transition depending upon their choice of senior school.Our curriculum has, at its heart, the development of knowledge values, skills, attitudes and behaviours required for children to flourish and succeed in an ever-changing world.Our pupils participate in an engaging curriculum that not only builds knowledge base, but also inspires independent thinking and intellectual curiosity; they have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their skills of leadership, collaboration, independence, critical thinking, evaluation and communication. It is the development of these skills that will take them well into their futures, both at senior school and beyond.


We offer scholarship opportunities for pupils each academic year, from Year 3 and above. There are three categories of scholarship entry:

• Academic
• Creative and Performing Arts
• Sport

Scholarship applications are received in the January preceding your child’s entry to the school and pupils meeting the specified standard will be invited to spend a day with us during which they will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and meet with the Head for a chat about something they love doing.

Scholarship awards constitute either a fee discount of between 10-15% or free 1:1 lessons in the area of talent such as music, drama or tennis, for example.

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