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Head’s Welcome

Mrs Sally Moulton

Ms Sally Weber

Yarrells is a gorgeous school, full of happy children who love to learn. Our relationships with the young people we teach are so important. We work really hard to foster happiness, self-confidence and aspiration for life in every individual here.

My absolute passion is to provide an outstanding educational environment for children; one that is warm, nurturing and provides space for a broad curriculum. All the doors of opportunity are open for our young people and the children at Yarrells are able to explore their identities and their talents fully so that they grow both their confidence and their skills to meet life’s challenges with relish.

We are proud to be non-selective in our approach and we welcome children of all aptitudes and abilities. We work incredibly hard to support and challenge our pupils so that their learning is exciting, stimulating and makes their brains ache – in a good way! This gives them a strong sense of achievement, whether they are striving for a grammar school place at 11+, a scholarship award at 11+, or overcoming a curriculum area of genuine personal difficulty.

We are truly individual in our approach and seeing the commitment and passion within our community every day makes me beam with pride.

I should love you to come and see Yarrells in action for yourself; I am certain you will meet young people who are flourishing and growing their confidence in all the right ways.

Please call us to book an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you to hear about your hopes for your son or daughter as they grow.

Editorials from the Head

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