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A shelter the Friends of Yarrells School raised money for

Friends of Yarrells School

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The Friends of Yarrells extends a warm welcome to all. We aim to bring together the parents of the children attending the school to provide a platform for communication, fun, learning and making new friends. This brings cohesion between the parents in different year groups.

The Friends of Yarrells is run by parents and key school decision makers who meet on a regular basis throughout the year. At these meetings the committee consider the fundraising events of the year, where funds will be allocated, and how parents may be brought together socially. We endeavour to recruit committee members from each year group. We will send you information via email or school bag drops where we require reply slips sent back. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you require any further information about the Friends’ activities.

Our Main Aims

  • Act as ambassadors and promote fellowship among the parents and pupils of Yarrells School

  • Engage in fund-raising and other activities serving to enhance and advance the children’s learning experience

  • Deploy the profits across the year groups

  • Foster the community spirit of the School by encouraging more extended relationships between the staff, parents, old girls and boys (“Yarrellians”) and others associated with the School.

To conclude: we are a friendly, informal group organising fun events that bring together the Yarrells community spirit and that provide funds for the “important little extras”  in terms of items and equipment for our children. Our actions and results are a strong testament to our team work.

We all sincerely hope that you will feel able to lend your support to the committee and that, over the course of your time as a Yarrells’ parent or friend, you will be able to take part in and enjoy as many social events and gatherings as possible.

The Membership

Membership is open to all parents with a child or children currently at the School, all domestic and teaching staff and all former pupils of the School.

What have we spent the money on in the past? The Friends are open to suggestions from all departments and sectors of the school and always give each request our full consideration. The aim is to ensure that the broadest range of pupils is being served by each donation and that everyone gets a fair chance of receiving support. Hardly a department or area of the school has not benefitted over the years from the Friends’ funds.

Below highlights a small selection of recent projects to which we have contributed:

  • Outdoor learning centre
  • Interactive SMART boards for classrooms
  • Wooden climbing equipment in the woods
  • Benches for Reception Area
  • Fun family days
  • Fireworks and circus skills experiences
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Purpose built school rabbit hutches
  • Music Stands and Percussion instruments
  • Sports kits for the teams across the school
  • Weather Station for Science Department

Events held in 2017:

  • Fireworks Night
  • Christmas Fair
  • Multi Cultural Day
  • Coffee Morning
  • Spring Fayre
  • Summer Ball
  • Ice Lollies at sports days
Foys Spring
Foys Spring Fayre
Foys Spring
Yarrells Preparatory School Grounds
Yarrells School Gardens
Yarrells School Gardens
Yarrells School Gardens
Foys Fireworks
Foys Fireworks
Foys Fireworks
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