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Music Box

Yarrells School Music Box

A head start in learning through music!

Exciting FREE parent and toddler classes to encourage a joy of music from an early age with lots of singing, moving and playing instruments. Your child will develop their intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills whilst using their creative energy to build confidence.

Here at Yarrells School we are passionate about music, believing every child should have the opportunity to sing, play and move throughout their whole school career.  Singing and playing music benefits a child’s whole learning development.

AGES: 18 months – age 3


TIMES: 2.30-3.15pm

DAY: MONDAY (term time only)

CLOTHING:  Visiting children should wear loose, comfortable clothing which allows them to move freely.

Parents/carers to stay with children during the workshop

MUSIC BOX workshops are joyfully led by Mrs Lucy Chewins, a teacher in Yarrells Early Years. (She may be known to you as the founder and leader of the popular Carver Music School in Parkstone.)

The session is held in our new Early Years building, GREENWOOD. 

MUSIC – Key to Learning

Through music, children experience a host of learning skills: rhythm, pattern, sequence, effective listening, co-operation and the joy of learning.  Singing helps to develop memory and concentration. Action songs help motor control; dance aids co-ordination; mime stimulates the imagination. Children enjoy a wide range of age-appropriate resources in each session including: puppets & masks, scarves, balls, beanbags, hoops, bubbles, parachute and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Tel:  01202 622229


Please complete the booking form before attending.

Yarrells Preparatory School Music Box
Yarrells Preparatory School Music Box

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