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(Aged 5 to 7, Years 1 & 2)

Critical Years for Life Skills

For children, these years at Yarrells are some of the most significant of their entire lives:

  • social skills are developed and they move from being self-focussed individuals to sophisticated team players
  • they learn how to co-operate with others
  • it happens in an environment that rewards and values the caring for others
  • children learn to think for themselves but in a school that nurtures and supports them during the process
  • they understand that they are very privileged global citizens with responsibilities for protecting their planet and environment
  • they develop into confident young people
  • they will be able to cope with the emotional ups and downs that life will inevitably throw at them

Foundation Skills Formed


It is also a time when the foundations and skills not only to be a fluent reader but also to be an avid reader, are formed. Creating a work ethic that ensures comprehension, not just the de-coding of books, and instilling a passion for the written word gives young pupils a head start in their learning.


Developing the underlying capability to understand how and when to use numbers is formulated. Numeracy needs to be made practical to everyday life and integrated to other aspects of school life to make it fun and exciting. At Yarrells we integrate all our academic subject areas under topics such as transport or climate to help children understand the interrelationships between stories about travelling and how many wheels a car has and how cars can also damage our environment, for example. They can then learn how to show what that looks like through their art, or dance or their drama.

Motivated Learners

The end result is that our pupils are rounded, enthusiastic and thoughtful learners. The personal approach of our teachers ensures that each individual develops at their own pace and is stretched to aim high but not put off learning by being forced to work at the same level and pace as the other children in their class. High fliers are not held back , while those needing a little more time are given the support they need.

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