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Sport provides opportunities for pupils to learn how to be a good team player, how to manage success and disappointment, as well as developing physical fitness. We aim to help every pupil find a sport or form of exercise that they will enjoy for life. All children have weekly lessons in tennis, dance, gymnastics or swimming, as well as their PE lessons. Team games for boys and girls are played each term with every child given the chance to play in a school team. Children take part in Sports days and swimming galas as well as matches and tournaments against other schools.  We value the importance of sport for developing self-confidence, resilience, cooperation and communication skills. In addition to the curriculum time, we offer a variety of extra-curricular sports opportunities including diving club, climbing, triathlon, Taekwondo and yoga. In all these areas, sport, music, art and drama, our senior pupils achieve scholarships to senior independent schools each year.

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