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GL Assessment Partnership

We are pleased to be an Advocate Partner of the leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools, GL Assessment – the only school in Dorset to have such status.

For over 30 years, GL have provided assessments for UK children’s education, mental health and wellbeing – and for overseas ministries and British, bilingual and international schools in over 100 countries worldwide.

Recognising that technology is a driver for educational change, GL have pioneered a powerful digital assessment system, which we have now been using at Yarrells for the past four academic years.  

That GL continue to innovate with adaptive testing and tablet-based assessments is an exciting part of the ongoing development of our school’s approach to providing a high-quality education for our pupils based on effective ‘Assessment for Learning’ and the informative and purposeful use of data.

GL share our own belief in a ‘whole pupil’ approach to assessment too – one that covers ability, attitudes, progress and attainment to provide a holistic view of each pupil.  We welcome dialogue with pupils and parents about each child’s progress, and our teaching staff engage in regular, planned conversations to reflect upon the impact of our work in classrooms.

Our link with GL not only means Yarrells being involved in cutting edge trials and accessing the most contemporary developments in assessment of pupils with the main provider of 11+ grammar school tests and ISEB pre-tests to schools in our local area. 

GL Assessment