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Strategic Development Plan (Mission, Vision & Values)

Read the Yarrells Strategic Development Plan November 2022

When my parents took over what was then St. Monica’s, back in 1992, they had a vision of creating a friendly, inclusive preparatory school that placed every child’s needs at its very heart. That remains at the heart of the family’s vision for the school.

Over the last 12 months, the Directors, Senior Leadership Team and Advisory Governing Body have worked together to set out more clearly the strategic direction of the School, particularly as we move into our new era focusing on Early Years to Year 6.

Our development plan focuses on these three key areas:

The Yarrells Mission and Values – our DNA, if you like.
Our educational mission for your children.
The school’s plan for investment to support those goals.


I hope that in creating and sharing the school’s strategic vision, you will have clarity over our plans and feel able to join us on our journey to ensure Yarrells continues to serve families and their children successfully for generations to come.

Thank you.
Adam Covell, Director