Trina Case

IMG 7227 (1)"The staff, the facilities, the positive, happy buzz (that’s evident from the moment you walk through the door), the academic and sporting achievements, the plays and performances, the enriching care and encouragement…I could go on!


"If you’re looking for an extraordinary school to entrust your child’s primary education to then Yarrells is it. It’s just lovely!"

We’ve got two children at Yarrells and they’ve both benefitted in lots of different ways! They settled in super quickly and have continued to thrive thanks to the warm welcome and nurturing atmosphere that Yarrells has in bucketloads.

I’d say they’ve both benefitted from the school’s ability to tailor the timetable (which is already a great mix of academic, sports and the performing arts) to meet each child’s needs. For example, one child has enjoyed being able to do additional activities such as speech and drama, and singing lessons, and the other received some extra support they needed – all of which was woven into the timetable.

For me, I thought having two children finishing at different times would be a headache (cue lots of waiting around) but Yarrells offers a creche for my younger one to go into so I can just pick both of them up at the same time – a simple but massive benefit! There’s also a varied range of after school clubs which both of my children enjoy and I put into late tea or prep if I need to pick up later than normal.