Claire Rose

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"Yarrells is a school that’s like a big hug, the minute you walk in you feel like you’ve always been a part of the school." 

We have a family connection, myself and my younger brother and sister all attended Yarrells and had a smashing experience.

But just as important, when we walked around the school it had that real “family” feel. Not a big faceless school. Class size was a real driver for us over other schools that we were looking at both state and other private schools. To be truly honest, the competitiveness of fees was really important in our decision making process, and certainly won Yarrells over vs some of the other local private schools.

If you are looking for a school with a broad and varied curriculum, small class size, great and personable teaching staff and management team ….. then look at Yarrells.

There is a great feel at the school, where you as parents and your children are known …. Properly.

How Sally Moulton (the Head) remembers all parent’s names I shall never know.