Sebrina Drew


IMG 7224 (1)"Yarrells is so much more than a school, it's a way of life, it really is a community. 

"It is Yarrells life as a lot of us call it!

"As busy working parents we can go to work and not worry about our children as they are in such good hands, that’s the most important thing to us. All the teachers are so in-tune with the students and have such positive relationships."

There are so many factors why we chose Yarrells, that it’s is hard to know where to start. 

Firstly the environment, It’s where we wanted our children to grow up. For us predominately we wish for our children at school to be happy, I looked for happy faces. The teachers, the children and families are all so happy! It’s a happy place to be, I know my children are going to thrive and succeed if they are happy and they will learn more because they are interested.

The children at Yarrells really do have a voice!

At Yarrells there’s a feeling you get, it's a wonderful setting, amazing teachers and a place where the head teacher knows every single child and family. You get that feeling its the one!

The school setting is stunning it is surrounded by trees and space, The environment is nurturing, the resources and facilities are vast. The lawn, the Paddock, the swimming pool, Tennis courts, the woods…

Secondly the activities and the variety of what they do - I don’t know how they fit it all in but they do! Nothing surprises me anymore with Yarrells; Last term they had Alpacas and snakes visit the school and so much more.

My children have learnt so much and progressed academically and holistically, from the small classes and specialised teachers, the teachers are fantastic,nothing is ever too much! 

I know exactly what they have been doing in a day. As a family you are always given as much time as you need, nothing is ever too much. There is always someone available to chat.

My children are so secure and happy at Yarrells and for that they succeed faster and electorate in their academics and development at a greater pace.