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Top of their class!

Give your child a head start and choose Yarrells: where children love to learn!

There’s never been a more important moment in our children’s education.  After so much time away from school over the last few months, the benefits of small classes, specialist teaching and exceptional pastoral care have never been greater.

At Yarrells, after the first lockdown we bounced back into school life with zest! Our tranquil, woodland environment allows space for free play, outdoor learning and fresh coastal air every day. Our dedicated teachers and assistants are committed to providing every child in our school with the highest quality of academic and pastoral care.

Our curriculum is broad, with lessons in the creative arts and sport featuring in the timetable every day alongside core academic sessions. When our teaching staff need to move to a temporary remote learning programme, our provision is ready to go with immediate effect. Our home learning programme has been a resounding success, and all our teaching staff are highly skilled in the delivery of live lessons in all subjects.

At Yarrells, we have a proven track record of success at 11+, with dedicated lessons for pupils working towards public exams in addition to the core academic curriculum, we offer specialist small group lessons to support pupils working towards scholarships for entry to their senior schools.

‘At Yarrells, we ensure that children’s primary years are rich and diverse in opportunity’

Head Sally Weber says: “Having been a leader in education for many years, I know that it is the quality of a child’s formative years in education that pay the greatest dividends in the outcomes of adulthood.”

She went on to say: “A child’s personality and character begin to form from their earliest days of life. Research has shown that by the time a child is seven years of age, they have already solidified a sense of themselves and where they fit within the world. Their approach to life, to others and indeed to themselves is setting fast. They already have a sense of how well they do things as compared to others and this sense formulates their aspirations for their futures.

“At Yarrells, we ensure that children’s primary years are rich and diverse in opportunity, full of the highest quality teaching, learning and pastoral care, and that they believe deeply, well before they get to senior school, that there is little they cannot achieve if they set their mind and energy to it.”

We would love you to see the virtual tour of our school, which is available on our website. We are currently offering Zoom meetings or outside onsite tours of the school with our Head, Ms Weber, and she would love to meet you and talk about your plans for your child.

Please email our Admissions Registrar, Miss Hannah Plane, or complete our enquiry form below, to arrange a convenient time.

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